Powder Coating

Powder Coating

We boast in having one of the largest custom powder coating booths in North Dakota.

At Midmach, our team offers stunning, durable, and custom powder coating applications designed to ensure your products get the quality finish they need.

In addition to our standard in-house testing, we can also add additional testing as needed to ensure that our processes are meeting your quality requirements.

When we say that no product is too big or too small, we mean it.

Midmach houses one of the largest powder coating booths in North Dakota. We have a massive 12’ x 14’ x 30’ booth that allows us to handle a wide range of product sizes.

Plus, we have a wide variety of colors in stock and can place specific specialty color orders as needed.

If you can dream it up, chances are, we can coat it and finish it.


Prior to coating, our team offers sandblasting and other prep for all materials and products. Our sandblasting capabilities include:

  • Part sizes up to 20’ wide X 15’ tall and 60’ long.
  • Several media options to fit customers’ needs.
  • Portable blasting.

Want to learn more about our powder coating process or discuss a specific order? Our team is happy to chat.


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